Atelier Swarovski Home Lustra Collection

We designed the Lustra Collection of keepsake boxes and candle holders, each in three sizes and three colors, to create a unique and dramatic interplay of form, material and the seductive sparkle of crystal. We embraced this opportunity to craft sophisticated objects for everyday use at an accessible price point that bring joy to their users because every detail of their expression is so thoroughly and carefully considered.

The Lustra Collection translates our architectural sensibility of beauty, innovation, and visual complexity to the design of tabletop objects.  By experimenting with dimension on a smaller scale, we create a luminous dialogue of geometry and form. Each piece is a micro work of architecture, a highly sculptural and crafted exploration.  At the core of this design, we celebrate the way crystal refracts light through the geometry of each sinuously curved keepsake lid and faceted candle holder base. The entire collection is carefully designed to accentuate crystal’s innately seductive optical properties.