Our Trip to the Foundry


Slide 1: These are 35 LB bronze ingots - each panel uses 10 


Slides 2&3: The linen is wrapped around an aluminum panel, then cast into a sand concrete mold


Slide 4: The sand concrete mold has a top and bottom lid, and is engineered with internal "ducts" so that molten bronze fills the void between top and bottom evenly and consistently before the molten metal cools


Slide 5: Then the molten bronze is transferred from the furnace to a pouring vessel


Slide 6: Then the molten bronze is poured into the mold, flooding the void until it spills over the top


Slide 7: After the panel cools for 3-5 days, the surface is lightly wire brushed to remove ash from within the mold and reveal the beautiful coloration of the bronze